News and Announcements

Profs Aim to Track Drug Reactions via Social Media
October 2, 2012

Associated Press

By Michael Felberbaum

Ahmed Abbasi

Research Team Out to Expose Phishers
September 6, 2011

Arizona Daily Star

By David Wichner

System Said to Detect Fake Websites
July 26, 2011

United Press International

Make "Fairness By Design" Part of Machine Learning

August 1, 2018

Harvard Business Review

How America Feels About Automation

October 21, 2017

CBS This Morning

Mining the Internet for Speedier Alerts on Drugs
October 8, 2012

Wall Street Journal

By Shirley Wang​

UVA-BYU MetaFraud: SEC Droid we're Looking For?
September 26, 2012

Whistle Blower Central

By Kurt Schulzke​